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And the winners are…

After 6 months of hard work for you, we are delighted to announce the winners of the High Flier’s Cup 2012.

Following 2010 and 2011 where we managed to grow by more than 50 % we are happy to let you know that we achieved further growth in 2012,
this time of roughly 9% – which is given the difficult economical situation in some of the markets a very respectable result!

And you are the ones that contributed to this success in a crucial way – we would like to congratulate you on your excellent work in developing your existing accounts and for convincing so many new customers that The Network is THE solution for their international hiring needs!

The prizes for the best ambassadors in 2012 go to:

InsideSalesFieldSalesThe prize for the biggest YOY country growth goes to Hungary! Congratulations to Alexandra Farkas on an amazing growth of more than 800% which comes with a travel voucher of 800 EUR!

Congratulations to all of you and enjoy the holidays that you can pay with these travel vouchers!

We would like to thank all of you for your great participation and look forward to great  international deals in 2013!

2012 is over and the Network HighFlier’s Cup is about to end:

24 people more than last year, in total 74 people, participated to this year’s competition – which for us is already a great success as such.
We would like to thank all of you for the great participation and most importantly for signing and renewing so many international deals!

With regards to the ranking, there are no changes in the first ranks compared to last week, however we have a new number 2 in the field sales category: the UK! Congratulations on this! For everybody else – see here how your country is ranked now:


Inside_SalesYou have one more chance to send the contracts that you managed to sign just before the end of 2012 as well the missing details for contracts that you already sent but that could not yet be counted til January 18th. Just drop an email to Julien!

We will then publish the final results end of January and let you know you who are this year’s well deserved winners!

This week, there is one clear leader in each category: With 800 points in the category field sales StepStone NL is leading. And with 570 points in the category inside sales our colleagues from lead the run. Special congratulations to Faisel Samseer who helped Netherlands to move up to rank 1 in field sales category.

This week’s ranking in detail:

Picture2Peu importe

To hand in more contracts or testimonials, just drop an email to Julien!

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Germany now leading in field & inside sales category!

40 people from 9 different countries are now in the competition – but this week, there is one clear leader in both categories: With 255 points in the category field sales and even 485 in the category inside sales our colleagues from lead the run. Special congratulations to Mario Kühlkamp who helped Germany to move up to rank 1.

You would like to earn some extra points to put your country in the lead? Send us a testimonial from your international customers like Jane from Totaljobs did:

“I have engaged the services of Total Jobs and The Network to support our European operating companies with advertising on Stepstone.  The package put together for us by Ian Bradley has proven to be a cost effective way of advertising on the Stepstone site, and the support thus far has been excellent. I have been particularly impressed by the level of contact I have received both by telephone and on email and I feel that should I have any queries, Ian is well placed to be able to provide the answers to them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian as an Account Manager, and of course recommending the products offered by Total Jobs and The Network.”

Jane Berridge (CertRP) | In House Recruiter | Golder Associates (UK) Ltd       

This week’s ranking in detail:

Inside_SalesField_SalesTo hand in more contracts or testimonials, just drop an email to Julien!


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Austria and Denmark new in the field sales category

Many new points, however no changes in the inside sales category – Germany has increased its head start and is now leading with 485 points, followed by the UK and Denmark – with the latter having doubled their points since the last ranking and getting close to the second rank.

In the field sales category 2 new countries have joined the contest: Denmark & Austria – welcome to the NHFC!

And congratulations to Rasmus from Denmark who just got a contract of over 100 k signed by MAN Diesel – the highest value since the last ranking!

See here who is leading today:


Field_SalesIf you have any new contracts that have not yet been counted, make sure to send these to Julien asap!

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New ranking containing extra points for October

In October all of you had the chance to win some extra points on the occassion of our 10th anniversary.

Now that the month is over, we awarded these 10 extra points for all contracts with signature date between 1st and 31st of October. A small change at first sight, but a nice difference e.g. for the US who is now placed ahead of the Netherlands in the category inside sales.

See here who is leading today:


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UK and US new in the category inside sales, France now leading in field sales

After we experienced a bit of trouble with the blog, WordPress now fixed everything up – sorry for the inconvenience!

Find here the latest news:

In the inside sales category, we have 2 new countries: UK and US. Jordan Kerr from UK registers his contract with 155 points and takes a nice second position for his country.

France managed to renew their contracts with Newell Rubbermaid, ESRF and SPIE OGS – a great achievement and a well deserved first rank for Hélène and her team this week!

We received some additional contracts that could not yet be counted as some details were missing. Make sure to double check if you provided all information to ensure your contracts will be counted for the next ranking. Here is a small reminder of what is needed:

  •     Value of the international part of the contract
    • “Value” means the sold value after any kind of discount
    •  “of the international part” means that you must take away the value that is used in your country. In case of Global Flexible Package (GFP), 100% of the GFP value will be taken into consideration at first. At the end of the contest, the Network team will check the value that was used locally, will discount that value from the international part and will recalculate the points accordingly.
  •     Name of the sales person who signed the deal (not your manager!)
  •     Status of the sales person:
    •     Inside sale
    •     Key account
  •     Contract information:
    •    New customer
    •     Upsell
    •     Renewal (in case of renewal: please specify the amount and date of last year’s (former) contract)
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Don’t loose any points – hand in your contracts signed in July asap!

New contest, new rules – to avoid that some of you are participating on a regular basis and then get overtaken by someone who enters his/her contracts at the very last minute (no finger pointing ;-)), we have introduced a new rule for this year’s contest: Contracts may only be registered 3 months after signature date.

So make sure to check asap if all your contracts from beginning of July are registered! If not, send them to Julien right away!

See who is in the contest so far:

Inside_SalesField_SalesIn case you have any colleagues that have not yet handed in their contracts, make sure they do so as you can only win if your whole team is involved!

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It’s getting cold outside…

Don’t feel like putting on your coat and taking the umbrella? You would rather want to enjoy some more summertime?

Imagine you had 1,500 EUR and all you need to do is to decide on where you want to go. If you need a little inspiration, see here a nice picture from Steve Willems, last year’s winner at StepStone Belgium, who used his prize to spend a long weekend at a charming little “maison d’hôtes” in France.

Where will you go on holiday?


And for all those who are still enjoying nice weather, I am sure you wouldn’t mind some time off in a nice place either, right?

Hand in your contracts now and start dreaming about your next holidays! Just send all details to Julien!

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5 countries in the contest!

2 more countries entered the contest and are now neck-and-neck in the field sales competition – but even within the different partners we have quite a few people who need to share their rank.

Hand in your new contracts to take the step ahead of your colleagues and move up with your team!

See here who is leading today – special greets to Hélène and her team, we would love to see a copy of the posters you will put up!

Ranking Inside Sales Sept 13thRanking Field Sales Sept 13th

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